Welcome Message

We are an online magazine dedicated to bringing you positive news throughout the Savannah-Hilton Head area!

Sandy and I want to welcome you to our site The Coastal Buzz. Our goal is to bring the best of Savannah-Hilton Head area to you from businesses you can work with to people that make the areas great.

There are other sites that talk about what’s wrong with the areas, this is NOT one of those sites. We will bring you the positive side of Savannah & the surrounding areas.

Does the areas have problems? Of course just like any other city. We will leave that kind of talk to other people while we bring you up to date positive news and articles that help you live your life while keeping you on top of things.

I have been in Savannah for 30 years now if my math is correct LOL. WOW that is a very long time. I was 14 when my parents moved me here to be closer to my grandma since she was getting older and my dad wanted to be closer to her before she passed away. My dad retired military right before we moved here.

Although I am a transplant, I consider myself from Savannah because in reality it’s all I know is the Georgia life. We did live in Columbus for 8 years of my life too and outside of that we moved a lot because of military.

My wife has been in Savannah since we married on Feb 02, 2002. She loves it here with the exception of how hot it gets because it can get so hot in July & August but thats the south for you.

We have ran several things including a local guide in the past but we want this to be more than just a guide of Savannah-Hilton Head, we want to bring you positive news about Savannah & the surrounding areas, interviews with people who make the areas great, and just an over all positive site for the areas.

The life here is very laid back so if you are looking to move to either of places keep that in mind. I have met people who have moved from bigger cities who left within 6 months to go back because they could not handle the laid back of Savannah and it’s people. To be honest that is the part that we love about our great city. We have great people who are so laid back and yes maybe sometimes that can be a bad thing but for our great city it works!

We will have a business directory, real estate and other features too. We want to help you live smarter and brighter in a city that will charm you with it’s beauty! We want you to know what is going on within the area that is good news! Our focus is to be a site that will stay 100% positive!

Also, one of the things I like to do is write motivation & spiritual articles so from time to time I will post articles that I write that I feel will help you live your life.

Hope you enjoy yourself on our site and whether you are someone visiting, wanting to move or already live here, we will have something for you!

Chris & Sandy Benton

P.S. There may not be a lot on the site yet but keep checking back or join our email list to the right so stay updated as we will be adding a lot more features over the next 6 months.