Special Pricing of Only $250 for a LIFETIME Listing PLUS Live Interview!

We are offering businesses to get listed in our directory for ONLY $250 for a lifetime listing plus a live FB interview so that it will not cost you an arm and a leg like others! This won’t last forever as this is our way of saying thank you for taking a chance with us! Pay once and never pay again!

Lifetime Member Package:

  1. Lifetime Listing in the Directory
  2. Live FB / Zoom Interview
  3. Post Listing to all of our Social Media (15,000+ followers)
  4. 5 Business Announcements for you Through the Year.
  5. ONLY $250

Our interviews will be done live through facebook with either Zoom or Bluejeans BUT if you would like an in person interview, add $50 to the lifetime member package price.

A couple of addons:

5 / 1-year Product Lisitngs in our Product Store – Add $100 to Lifetime Meembership.

Other addon’s to come!

We are also creating a product store where local businesses and people can list their products for sale. We do NOT take a percentage like everyone else, just a low flat fee.

Also any business that takes this listing will also get special offers from other products we launch down the road!

I do not know how long we will allow this special rate run but for now we should talk so that you can take advantage of this great offer.

The total cost of this lifetime listing investment is a couple of tanks of gas! We just don’t think you can beat that so lets talk soon so we can get you listed especially when you add the live interview with the package?

One more thing, you also get to post up to 5 business announcements through the year that you may have going on for FREE! We charge $25 for this service so that is a $125 value free with this listing!

If you did get our lifetime listing and used up all 5 business announcements then we will sell them in blocks of 5 for ONLY $100. This way your rate will always be ONLY $20 each.

We will post a business announcement for you for ONLY $25. This can be promotions, new hires, business expansions etc…  Whatever it is that you need to make an announcement about. It could even be recognizing someone at your business! You get 5 free with our lifetime listing. (We have the right to refuse adding news if we feel it doesn’t fit the mission of our site)

Chris Benton
The Coastal Buzz

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