Sandy & I love everything we do. This page is going to list some of the services that we offer to our clients.

First and foremost is advertising on this site. We have a directory that a business can be listed in for an affordable rate. Everything we do, we try and create something that is affordable even to the small businessman because in reality, it is small business that runs our country. They need help and this is our way. We are small business just them you!

Second, is we build affordable websites for small business. Again, we keep rates low so that anyone who wants one can have one through is. Our rates for a professional website starts at only $399 and this includes 1 year of hosting. Remember we built this site you are on right now!

Third, As we grow when we feel the time is right, we may turn a part of the site into a print edition. We have to feel that it’s the right way to go first before we launch that side of it because print is a tough industry but done right it can still work. We believe in this day and time if you want to do a print edition, you are better off to launch online first in order to build a base before you go into print. It’s just smart to do that. Only time will tell if we choose that route.

Fourth, For ONLY $25 we will post your business news. This can be an employee getting a promotion. This can be an expansion you are doing. This can be any news that is happening within your business! The goal is to keep this very affordable so that no matter how big or small your business is, we have something for you!

Remember, if you go in our site as a founding member, other services that we launch you will get discounts for being a part of them!

Chris & Sandy Benton